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Our core values
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Our core values
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These values are more than just aspirational jargon that we come up with to check a box. They are the foundational framing we use when assessing potential partners to join our team.
Dream big
Our promise to each other is to lead with originality and creativity. We approach each problem and opportunity with fearless energy and passion. We make time weekly for both big thinking and reflection. You will never do boring work at Hoppscotch because “great” is never good enough.
High velocity
We believe quality and speed are not binary choices. We ship work early, welcome feedback, fail fast, and iterate.
Empathy, always
From users to partners to colleagues - we default to respect. We ask thoughtful questions and make time to talk. We offer a hand. Or two. Above all, we know that we only succeed when our users succeed.
Ownership mindset
With a bias for action, we take pride in our work and our results. We’re accountable to one another. We cultivate trust with our users. We communicate with transparency. And above all, we operate with integrity.
Grit to grow
Through a culture of learning and non-complacency, we are always improving. We seek out the hardest problems that have the most impact. We practice tenacity. We stay curious. We inspire each other. The power of a growth mindset enables us to accomplish amazing things.