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Interview guide
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The hiring process is the same for every role
1. Apply
Apply to your preferred role.
We'll reach out to you in 3-5 days if we decide to proceed with your application.
2. A 15-min phone call
We answer any questions you have.
We talk about specific compensation and the role.
We'll arrange a 60-min call with our tech team.
3. A 60-min phone call with CTO / tech team
You join our CTO / tech team members for a 60 min technical interview.
There are no DSA questions.
You get invited to all our internal stuff right about here.
4. A 30-min phone call with CEO
You join our CEO for a 30 min casual interview.
We talk about the work culture, tools, and vision of Hoppscotch.
After the call, you'll receive an email in 2 days.