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How we work
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How we work
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We trust in autonomy. We’re building a company where team members set their own quality bar, take pride in their workmanship, and are trusted to do their life's best work without supervision.
We move fast, operating mostly on Zoom and Slack. When we want company, we casually hang out and work together in Discord.
We use email and Notion for long-form writing, which we encourage when communicating more complex subjects. We rely on Figma for design and prototyping ideas.
We see work as positive-sum. We believe that shipping software is a positive-sum endeavor — there are no winners and losers at Hoppscotch. No bureaucracy and paper pushing. No interpersonal scorecards. We play together as a team, and we win as a team. We're working really hard to keep it that way.
We don't rely too much on meetings. We have a longer weekly meeting on Monday where we catch up on each other weekends and discuss goals for the week and then shorter stand-ups on Wednesday and Friday morning.
We believe this is a marathon, not a sprint. Building a meaningful company that has a massive impact takes time. We plan to run to the last mile and do it with great care for health and wellbeing. As important as work is to us, it isn't everything.
We close out the week with an optional happy hour on Friday where we talk about the work week and unwind.
We do our best to live by these values. It's easy to say these words, and it's hard to live by them. We make it a real point to try.
About you
One of the benefits of working with amazing people is they constantly find ways to surprise you. We won't pretend to know the exact type of person that should work at Hoppscotch. That being said, we think these principles are pretty core to how we work today.
At Hoppscotch, our mission of helping developers to focus on their work of creating software that drives everything. It's our deeply held belief in this vision that gets us up in the morning and keeps us working through the night. Having a shared sense of that purpose is crucial to doing fulfilling work with us.
Ownership mentality
You can and want to own an area of the product and business. We're not going to micro-manage you. You'll be trusted to do great work in the way that you think is best. We'll be there to give you feedback and support when you need but our working relationships are built in our confidence in one another.
Bias towards action
When an answer is unknown, your first instinct is to act on uncovering the answer.
You don't let flashy numbers, fundraising milestones, or news headlines get in the way of the real work or the future we want to build. Solving real problems for our customers is all that matters to you.
You bring your authentic self to work every day. You are who you are and that is what makes you special.
Our commitments to you
Day one
For us, every day is "day one". Day one is both a culture and an operating model that puts the customer at the center of everything Hoppscotch does. We embrace this startup culture.
This is a partnership
You'll be treated as a partner and valued leader in every aspect of the company that you care about. No voice would go unheard. If you work at Hoppscotch, it is your company just as much as it is anyone else's.
Your family comes first
Our work is important but it doesn't come close to the responsibility you have to your loved ones. We will always respect that and embrace your family's responsibilities with empathy and encouragement.
We won't get everything right
When we get it wrong, we'll admit and learn why.
We'll never stop experimenting
We have big goals. To achieve them, we need to foster an environment that is constantly learning and trying new things. Hoppscotch is a place that is safe to fail and try again. We promise that energy and spirit will never be lost in what we do.
Diversity and inclusion
We're committed to having a diverse and inclusive team at Hoppscotch. Our customers are an incredibly diverse group - from individual developers to enterprise companies with millions of users, to a group of friends that run a startup, to open-source enthusiasts that run a non-profit organization. We won’t be able to fulfill our vision if our team looks and thinks the same.
We promise to foster a workspace where everyone belongs and is heard from day one.