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Hoppscotch Celebrating 25,000 GitHub Stars
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Hoppscotch Celebrating 25,000 GitHub Stars
November 10, 2020
Liyas Thomas
Hoppscotch just received its 25,000th star on GitHub. We'll use this milestone to recap Hoppscotch’s growth and other important milestones since its beginning as an experimental project in 2019. We've accomplished a lot of great things together.
To those who don't know what Hoppscotch is: Hoppscotch is an open-sourced API request builder used by 100k+ developers. Helps you to create / test / save requests faster, saving precious time on development. An online free, fast and beautiful alternative to Postman / Insomnia, etc.
Web app: hoppscotch.io
While tracking the success of an open-source project is known to be a hard problem, we have a few metrics available to us. Currently, 114 developers have contributed to some of the 2570 commits of the Hoppscotch repository made available in 7 releases. And this is only data from the main Hoppscotch repo. The ecosystem has many other repositories ranging from Hoppscotch Browser Extension (which fixes CORS issues) to Proxyscotch - A simple proxy middleware server.
The number of stars of a GitHub project is yet another indicator because it means people are adding the project to their list of favorites. However, people that starred Hoppscotch are not necessarily users and many users don’t star Hoppscotch (if that applies to you, consider giving us a star!), therefore it's not a precise metric. To date, Hoppscotch has 100k+ all-time users during the span of a year. Which includes ~20k+ monthly users.
Milestones like this are proud moments for the developers & community, help motivate more work & new developments. If you'd like to support Hoppscotch open source project, consider sponsoring us on GitHub.
Immense thanks to @ben and the entire Dev Team for their support from day one. To @andrewbastin for his selfless services, engineering expertise, and contributions. To each and every contributor for being a part of the project.