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Hacktoberfest with Hoppscotch
October 14, 2020
Liyas Thomas
Are you looking to contribute to an open-source project in this Hacktoberfest? or want to get started with the latest technologies like VueJS & NuxtJS?
We're developing Hoppscotch, an open-source API request builder for the web, and would love to count you as a contributor to improve our components & applications.
Web app: hoppscotch.io
GitHub: @hoppscotch
24k+ stars on GitHub • # 2 product of the day on Product Hunt • featured in Indie Hackers, Hacker News, Hacker noon, YouTube & open source podcast, etc.
Get started 🚀
As the project’s size grew quite a bit in the past couple of months, you might ask yourself, where to get started 🤔?
Meet the technology stack:
HTML + SCSS + JavaScript
1. Codegen
At Hoppscotch, we want to help developers to go from discovering an API to experimenting with it and then to make actually using the API in their code as frictionless as possible. To support that, Hoppscotch had the ability to generate code for JavaScript (XHR and Fetch API) and cURL. We recognize that a lot of devs of different backgrounds use Hoppscotch. So recently, we modularized and separated the code generation system (only for REST currently, WS and GraphQL coming soon!) into different code generator modules which can be easily added to and extended upon.
As a result now one can easily add code generation for multiple programming languages (and/or libraries, or even programs), even if you don't have much knowledge about the rest of the Hoppscotch codebase.
How to add your own code generator?
Step 1: Create a code generator object
Code generator objects are placed on helpers/codegen/generators folder, they have a specified idname (display name), and a generator function which has a parameter, context containing all the data about the request (refer, the existing generators to see which all data is available). The generator function should at the end return a string which is the final generated request code. The generator functions do not currently offer async support, but if you want async support, ping @andrewbastin.
Step 2: Register your new codegen object
Registration of the valid code generators is done through the helpers/codegen/codegen.js file. Just import your codegen object in the file and add it to the codegens array.
Once that is done, your code generator will be made available in the Generate Code dialog as usual.
Any specific platforms?
Although our goal is to eventually provide support for possibly all programming languages/libraries/programs. We would really love to see these platforms implemented.
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Example contributions:
But even if it is not on this list, we would really love it to be included. So do not be discouraged. Please do make a PR for adding support to the platform of your choice.
2. i18n - Internationalization
3. Issues - Bugs and fixes
For the purpose of this first experience, we have selected the issues tagged #hacktoberfest which we're hoping to implement during this span of a month.
Here are some issues/feature requests to start with:
Check out the issues tab for more 😋 or alternatively you can create new features (and probably PRs 😉) or optimize any existing functions/routines.
4. Tests
If you're interested in writing tests, contribute to our test cases. We're using Jest for testing. Ping @andrewbastin for any help.
5. Beta testers
If you have general feedback, please reply here.
Feel free to ping us on Discord or Telegram for any help.
The cherry on the cake 🍒🎂
Besides unlocking some karma points, you know what would be cool with your contributions 🤔? All the improvements you'll submit will not only have an effect on the components, but also they'll have an impact on the open-source dev community & be included in our live platform used by 80k+ users. Kind of cool to know that something you would develop will for sure be available in an online live application! isn’t it?
Hacktoberfest 🐙
Support open-source and pick a limited edition T-shirt 👕 or plant a tree! 🌱
Rules: To qualify for the official limited edition Hacktoberfest shirt, you must register and make four pull requests (PRs) between October 1-31 (in any time zone). PRs can be made to any public repo on GitHub, not only the ones with issues labeled Hacktoberfest. This year, the first 70,000 participants who successfully complete the challenge will earn a Hacktoberfest tee or plant a tree.
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