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Creating Hoppscotch
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Creating Hoppscotch
August 22, 2019
Liyas Thomas
In case you missed it!
Story this far:Β I joined Zartek, which is a start-up based in Kochi, Kerala where I work as a full-stack developer.
The story behind Hoppscotch: The very first task I was assigned is an API integration of an old project. That's when I came across the Postman API testing tool. Postman has separate builds targeted to each operating system made with Electron. I use a low-end PC and can't possibly afford to run another Electron app. From that moment onwards, I wanted to make an API testing platform which is:
Open Sourced πŸ’š
Runs online
Have multi-platform support
Have multi-device support
Accessible from anywhere
That's how Hoppscotch was born (this is not at all an alternative to Postman - yet, it does the job very beautifully and minimally. It needs more features and love which I hope we all can give byΒ contributing on GitHub).
When I did a background check on API request builders, Postman offered various Plans & Pricing, there were a lot of other API request builders based on cURL, etc. But none of them seems simple, minimal, and efficient.
That's why I created my own API request builder with pure JavaScript (I used Vue.js) + HTML + CSS πŸ’–
Did I mention this service is all free of charge and 100% open source? Yes, It's free and always will be.
The Hoppscotch API request builder helps you create your requests faster, saving precious time on your development.
Send requests to verify your API is ready for launch GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS (more coming soon)
Authentication support
Parameters support
Request body support
View Response
Progressive Web App support
UPDATE: Added History support
(more coming soon)
Features planned for near future for whichΒ I need your help.
Code highlight in the response body
More methods
HistoryΒ UPDATE: Added History support
🎁 Bonus: Hoppscotch is in dark mode 🌚