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Our entire company is distributed, so we take remote work seriously. If you’d rather not work from home, we will cover the cost of a co-working or office space.
Flexible days and hours
We're an asynchronous remote team working in different time zones, from GMT-4 to GMT+5:30. Choose the hours and days that work best for you.
Employees receive generous medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Full-time contractors will have the cost of healthcare factored into their salary. Our recruiting team can help confirm which applies to you.
Open source sponsorship
We would love to give an annual sponsorship to any open source project of your choice.
Hoppscotch provides $3,000 for employees to attend conferences, take classes, buy books, or otherwise further their education.
We typically meet up a couple of times a year in person for work and fun! What will be our next location - help us decide!
Top-notch equipments
Hoppscotch will let you choose a new laptop of your choice and will reimburse you for any other accessories you need to do your best work.
Unlimited swags
At Hoppscotch, we really love swags. Every team member gets unlimited credits to grab any official Hoppscotch swags that she or he wishes.
Stock options
Get generous stock options for a company that is growing blazing fast and is backed by top VCs and angels.